What is ddlg?

Many people are confused by what the Daddy Dom/little girl dynamic is. Some think it’s incest. Some think it’s the same thing as BDSM. Some think it’s pedophilia. None of these are correct.

Everyone’s dynamic is different, however. Some Daddy’s and littles are non-sexual, others are sexual, but in a vanilla sense, some Daddy’s and littles are sexual in extreme BDSM ways; the list could go on and on. So I’m not going to try to define specifically what dd/lg is, because the spectrum is just too wide. What I will do is define what a Daddy is, and what a little is in general.

A Daddy is

  • Someone completely unrelated to their little
  • loving, caring, and nurturing of their little
  • someone trustworthy to the little, and worth the littles’ trust
  • watchful of his littles’ subtle signs during scenes or in day-to-day life
  • someone open-minded to little space, age play, or bondage, depending upon he&&his littles’ dynamic

A Little is

  • a consenting adult, of age 18 or older
  • an adult who can manage her life on her own, but prefers to have Daddy’s help a little, some, or all of the time
  • one who enjoys being taken care of and nurtured by Daddy whenever possible
  • one who sometimes acts childlike or goes into little space

This is all I can think of as of now, because the dynamic is so broad and I don’t want to generalize and offend anyone. I hope that this was helpful.